Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our Future is the 2010 Nissan Cube... Really!?!

2010 Nissan Cube & Denki Cube
By mid-2009, Nissan plans to cover the entire gamut of the automotive spectrum, ranging from the compact Cube to the supercar-fighting GT-R. That's the word from Nissan as they announced that the new Cube will come to the US market next year to fill the void left behind by the dearly departed first gen Scion xB.

* Courtesy MSN Autos and Auto Blog

Just My Opinion...

Do the fine folks at Nissan really think that they can retail this new cube... Have they seen or payed any attention to what happened with the Toyota or I should say Scion (and Honda Too). The demographics were totally missed and the older folks who did purchase them can't trade out of them and do not want another one, they are upside down (no equity)... this is such a small market segment, why play in it....

The only folks that may want to take a stab at this failed segment would be commercial businesses/utility companies/municipalities, they could use them for delivery/transportation because of the size in cities or advertising marketing agencies wanting to push a product.... this is such a failed concept in America it is not even funny... can you say H1!

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