Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Financing Deals: Best of March 2008

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Automakers are flooding the market with great interest rate deals, some as low as zero percent for 48 or 60 months. More than ever, they haven't been afraid to offer the long-term, low-interest contracts that have the greatest impact on monthly payments. Depending on your new vehicle's final price, they could save you thousands of dollars, easily outstripping the face value of a cash rebate. So if you're serious about saving money (and we know you are), take a look at the current financing deals for trend-setting crossovers, practical midsized and full-sized cars, hard-working full-sized pickups, and classic SUVS.

Editor's Pick: Buick LucerneJust this once, we made the sort of selection our accountant would make for us - and for himself, for that matter: the 2008 Buick Lucerne. A car this size used to dominate the American highway. Now it's a niche vehicle, albeit for a rather large niche. If you need to squire your clients around, the Lucerne could be for you. Its spacious interior will accommodate six occupants with the optional front bench seating. It also has a comfortable ride, an available 4.6-liter V-8 and loads of standard and optional safety features, along with five-star NHTSA crash ratings, so you can keep those clients alive and well until you reach your destination and close whatever deal you are pursuing. Cosseted and coddled en route, your customers might even be in a good mood when you get there. The real selling point this month is the incentive, however. Extend that zero percent deal over a full 60 months, and you are talking thousands of dollars in savings, not to mention the extra cash back bonus.

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