Monday, January 12, 2009

Volt battery pack will be built in Michigan by LG Chem...

General Motors and Chevrolet announced that the Chevrolet Volt battery pack will be manufactured in Michigan at an as yet named location at what will be the largest automotive battery lab in the United States, according to GM's Press Release.
This will be the first lithium-ion battery pack manufacturing facility operated by a major automotive manufacturer in association with LG Chem the battery pack's developer.
The facility is expected to start producing batteries in 2010 as announced by Rick Wagoner at The North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan.
"The design, development and production of advanced batteries must be a core competency for GM, and we've been rapidly building our capability and resources to support this direction." Wagoner said. "This is a further demonstration of our commitment to the electrification of the automobile and to the Chevrolet Volt - a commitment that now totals more than $1 Billion."
"The Volt's lithium-ion battery cells will be supplied by LG Chem's subsidiary Compact Power, Inc. based in Troy, MI." This subsidiary will build the batteries for the VOLT until GM's battery facility is fully operational. "A joint engineering contract with Compact Power and LG Chem also has been signed to further expedite the development of the Volt's lithium-ion battery technology."
A specific sit has not been selected as GM is working with the State of Michigan and local authorities on incentive packages and other tax incentives.
GM will be building the complete battery packs and will take on all of the responsibility on the battery management system and power electronics, Compact Power will continue to provide GM support with the development, integration and provide other consultative support.
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