Monday, June 1, 2009

General Motors Bankrupt! U.S. Government Expected To Take A 60 Percent Ownership Stake


As expected GM filed for federal bankruptcy protection today, in what most analyst agree will be an organized structured bankruptcy process. The federal government is to take a 60 percent ownership stake while the Canadian Government takes a 12.5 percent stake, the UAW has a 17.5 percent stake and bondholders will have a 10 percent ownership stake.

What should be the largest industrial bankruptcy in U.S. history should pave the way for a new GM if the Obama administration plan moves through federal court smoothly as expected.

A Chief Restructuring Officer has been appointed, Al Koch Managing Director of AlixPartners, who steered Kmart through it's Chapter 11 reorganization. Mr. Koch is expected to be the point person in dismantling the "Old" GM (parts, assets, etc.) into the "New" GM, he is also expected to steer the management team assembled to close the "Old" GM when the company emerges from bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy will effect many constituents, including auto warranties (the federal government is currently backing the warranties), retirees pensions, auto suppliers, auto dealerships, shareholders (expect nothing), employee 401k plans and others.

The company should emerge much leaner which should include Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac and GMC, the companies other brands are expected to be sold off and if buyers can't be found they will be shuttered.

Once the icon of American Industry and the world, GM is far from it's glory days, can it survive and thrive once again, I believe it will, to survive in this current economic crisis, it had to become smaller and leaner and this bankruptcy filing was the only way to get all of it's stakeholders to agree on the restructuring necessary, which includes the Federal government assistance. It would have never survived without the U.S. Government intervening on it's behalf and many more companies would have been brought down with it, including Ford Motor Company.

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