Thursday, May 21, 2009

Company Says That It Can Produce A 100 mpg Hummer H3, Reality Or Fiction?

Raser Technologies a company operating out of Provo, Utah introduced a hummer that the company claims gets the equivalent of 100mpg. The company along with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Utah Senator Orrin Hatch was on Capitol Hill Wednesday to introduce the technology to the Obama Administration and the nation.
The Chairman of Raser Technologies, Kraig Higginson indicated that consumers could expect the vehicle available for purchase by 2011.
The company said that it's pricing should be about $55,000.00 when the company starts mass producing the Hummer. The company went on to say that the technology used in the prototype would not be limited to just Hummers, a company spokesperson said that the technology employed can work with a SUV or pick up truck.
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Wow, that would be awesome. I think it's about time to really save on gas.