Friday, March 20, 2009

Move Over Lexus, There Is Are Two New Sheriffs In Town!

J.D. Powers and Associates has just released there annual list of most reliable vehicles and two new auto manufacturers have emerged at the top overtaking perennial favorite Lexus. Buick and Jaguar stand alone at the top of the study that is annually conducted by J.D. Powers.

Jaguar jumped the furthest, going from 10Th place last year to number one, a significant year over year increase which demonstrates the manufacturers commitment to quality assurance. Jaguar is being purchased by TATA Motors a company with it's principle place of business in India.
Domestic makes Lincoln, Mercury and Cadillac also made the top ten list in the survey along with Ford and Chrysler above the industry average on the survey.
J.D. Powers dependability survey was a composite study of 46,313 original owners of 2006 model year vehicles in October 2008. The survey measures the number of problems per vehicle and is rated by the number of problems per 100 vehicles.
The most common problems found were wind noise, brake noise, peeling paint, brake vibrations and followed by vehicle lighting problems.
This gap as i have reported will close even further next year when the survey is released as domestic manufacturers have closed the quality gap considerably over the last five years and the latest models posses superior initial quality ratings. I have said for the last few years that the import image will fade as more consumers recognize that the image that imports enjoy is just that an image. Domestic manufacturers must do a better public relations ad marketing campaign to address the poor quality image there vehicles have.
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