Sunday, November 23, 2008

Axon 100 mpg.

Move over Prius, upcoming gasoline car gets 100 mpg

London (England) – A British auto maker thinks gasoline is here to stay and has introduced a carbon-fibre body car that gets up to 100 miles per gallon. Axon Automotive’s diminutive car has a very light 26 kilogram engine that still manages to achieve a top speed of 85 miles per hour. The interior of the car is also environmentally friendly with the seat covers and upholstery made from recycled pin-stripe suits and jeans.The Register has some great details about the car and you can see their article at the link below. Unlike many high-efficiency cars coming out today, the Axon vehicle sticks to a gasoline only engine. A lightweight and aerodynamic body contributes to the car’s impressive miles per gallon claim.
The entire chassis is made from carbon-fibre and weighs approximately 400kg. Founder Steven Cousins says the body panels can also be made from the same material. The 26kg 500cc two-cylinder engine is designed to be easily serviced and if you have any troubles the company will send you a replacement engine while the original one is being checked.Cousins said the car can be quickly brought to market because his tooling costs are relatively low compared to traditional steel-chassis cars. Axon is aiming for a 2010 launch date and a retail price of 10500 pounds which will probably translate into $50,000 by the time the car is available.
This car has been shown off before at various green automotive shows, but it seems people didn't take the manufacturers seriously.

Reprinted/Courtesy Humphrey Cheung

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